• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 09
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Better in Tune

The brightness of my day on your face
Your pale snow skin
The light in your eyes
(From the moon, of which I stopped to show you.
And you were caught in its beauty.
But I caught you in yours)
Your long black hair
Something we have in common
(You said:)
“I have the same problem as you”
But I don’t think you do
You’re beautiful

It was all the muck I smoked,
You complimented my nails
I couldn’t even remember the word “nail-file” to tell you I didn’t own one

You didn’t question the band-aid
Only corrected me, calling it a plaster

I’m plastered
Not in the way they think
Not in the way they know
They drain my brain
Maybe they drain yours too
Or maybe you don’t know
Just as maybe I don’t know

We're better in tune