• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 05

Betrayal and Punishment

George sided with the enemy against his king and now awaits his death in the cold, dismal tower, with no bed to sleep in and only the hard ground to lay his fragile body on. This is punishment for betraying His Majesty. George has been in the tower for two weeks. His clothes are filthy, raggedy and his own body odour makes him gag. The king forbids him visitors, except for the guard, who brings him muddy water and leftover scraps the rats eat.

George didn’t take his decision against the king lightly, but His Majesty has gone mad and will ruin the country. He has beheaded his own brother for giving poor advice. Now George awaits his own beheading. The king wants George to suffer and is pushing his beheading out another week. He enjoys the fact that George has become weak and helpless. He will continue to torture him for as long as he chooses to. No one will speak against the king for fear of execution.

After several more weeks of sleepless nights and slop for food, the guard opens the door.

“By order of King Charles, you are to be beheaded tomorrow morning.” Before George could speak, the guard turns on his heel and leaves the room.

George falls on his knees and clasps his pale white hands together in prayer, thanking the Lord for finally bringing his suffering to an end.