• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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Behind Closed Walls

Anna stood back and examined the hoarding, as if contemplating a work of art.
'An exciting new development in the heart of the city,' shouted at her in large letters while images of sickly-sweet couples and featureless apartments spanned the rest of its length. No gaps were visible; no way in. Just as she had hoped.
Above the advert, the upper most windows of the building protruded, their empty and broken panes illuminated from within by holes in the roof. Anna smiled as she thought of what lay inside; the rotting furniture, rusted machine parts and used spraycans were all like friends to her. She had spent time in their presence, appreciating their silent existence and melancholic decay. But more than that, they shared a secret with her that had been kept hidden beneath the detritus.
It was just a matter of time before the building came down, just like the rest of the factories. 100 years of industrial history reduced to rubble and a piece of her own would be buried amongst it.
Anna wondered briefly if she should have given him a second chance, but the sentiment didn’t last. Besides, she thought, boys should know better than to follow bad girls into dark places.