• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 07
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So began

In bed this morning,
deeply still.
Soft breathing, young birds and rustle through Autumn's leaves.
I like to walk my bare feet along the forest floor,
to stop and look at a young tree or a creature unknown to me,
to marvel at them,
not for structure of stem or brightly colored wings,
but simply because they exist,
and so do I,
and so does she.
Her naked shoulder.

A thought flashes
like lightning in the night,
The ardent crack of some celestial whip,
blazing live neon-purple, clear across my mind.
In an instant
Ablaze and blackened.

"There's a word, you know."
Only just slightly she turns, cheek on collar.
(Bones, such strong things, also fragile though.)
"A thought?" she asks
(Often splashing in rock pools,
forgetting the ocean beside.)
"The word. There's a word. It's in a different language."


So began

She waits.
(Goddess in my bed.)
"I don't know the word itself,
I don't know the language either."
"Strange." she half-states, amused by me,
"Possibly strange, yes.
I do know, however, that the word exists
and furthermore, what the word means."
"Please do release these things to me then, dear man."
(I love way she speaks, her accent and diction.)

"Consider you meet a person.
The word means not to fall in love with this person,"
She smiles that smile.
"Rather a knowing,
that you are most certainly going
to fall in love with this person."
She says nothing, just turns fully ‘round, facing me.
(solar plexus)
"And what of this word then?"
"Well, I wish I knew what it was, so I could name what I feel."
A second's thought she takes.
Sweetly she says
"We could just call it something else, if we both decide to agree
that the word we choose describes best the feeling, then you
would have your word. What do you think of this idea lovely man?"
"I think yes. What word then?"
"If I were to describe my feelings at this point,"
gently she leads me,
"I would say 'mutual' is definitely the word."
As my future self I thought,
"So began my greatest love."