• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02


Perhaps this was the way it was:
around before time began,
a nomad of nothings in search
of permanent spaces for an eternity
of expanding universes.

The maths has almost proved it,
so there has to be something in it.

I prefer to call it God –
deciding to put down roots,
to work out a phenomenal
creativity in voids that were lonely,
unsatisfactory: challenging.

There was no competition,
therefore no need for haste;
the only requirement was a singular
capacity for invention, and the
stretching of an infinite mind
that allowed nothing to turn
into something. Fireworks:
the first ‘son et lumiere’ ever –
ultra violet and neon green: the hint
of skeletons in an elemental ghost train.

Then: evaluation: gauging
the difference that a degree
of unpredictability might make;



a drop of temperature here,
an earthquake there – an artist
intoxicated by his own brilliance.
And so, on to evolution.

The designs worked. Genesis –
The Movie, was delivered to time–
a perfectly balanced harmony
with just enough discord for self-propulsion.
Endless cycles. Neat. Very neat.

Then there was man.