• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 03
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Before We Part Ways

Dear Faithful Womb,

We are saying goodbye in 2 weeks,
but I want you to know
that this letting go –
is not my giving up.
I am celebrating your half-moon shape,
your vastness,
and your delicate demeanor.
I praise your ability to expand and contract –
your blessing of two healthy sons.
Just between you and me,
you do know what a miracle you are, right?

This long road has been circuitous.
We have traveled a painful path,
and now that there is nothing left for us to weather –
nothing left to fill,
it is time to go.

I feel like I should give you a proper send off.
A proper outing?
You will be out soon enough.
Maybe we will just sit with each other
and ponder the universe within.
We have been to war with our cells,
with tissue, veins, and masses –
with cysts, fibroids, Endometriosis,
IVF egg harvesting, and embryo transfers.


Before We Part Ways

Just when I thought we were through
to the other side of things,
there was always something more to endure.
For that, I don’t curse you –
like you might think I would.
For these miracles of pain, burden, and joy
I want to thank you for the gifts of
perseverance, patience, endurance,
quiet faith, and gentle confidence
in this wholly imperfect body –
that is also perfectly whole.