• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Before the Beginning

Adam flopped on the ground, exhausted. He squinted heavenward and shouted. Respite. The midday sun seared his back. Sweat trickled down his temples. Respite. He screamed again. Not a leaf quivered. The songbirds had disappeared. Tears coursed down his cheeks as he bowed and clasped his hands in surrender. Respite, he whispered and closed his eyes in a prayer.

The skies darkened only to be lit up by a flash of lightening. Thunder rumbled. Adam knew immediately that he had been heard.

‘Your term is not yet over,’ a voice said, in its rich velvet baritone.

‘But, I need respite,’ Adam murmured.

‘I have equipped you with all you need.’

‘Where?’ asked Adam, looking all around him, bewildered.

‘Close your eyes, take a deep breath and look within.’

Adam followed those instructions. Everything had to be done the right way. One wayward step and you risked getting lost. Just like he was now.

‘Breathe. Again,’ the voice repeated. ‘And again. Slow your mind.’

Adam felt peace for the first time in a long time.

‘What do you see?’ the voice asked, with tenderness of a mother.


Before the Beginning

Adam waited. It was hazy in the beginning. But the vision grew clearer with each passing second.

‘I see the mask of a Lion,’ Adam replied.

‘This is your outer demeanour. Strong, determined and confident. And those eyes. You can see an ocean there. An ocean of courage. And that courage is right there, in your heart. What else do you see?’

Adam concentrated harder. After a full five seconds, a wrinkly child loomed into view.

‘This is your inner self. Look at all the radiating lines on the face. And the eyes are blue like the edge of the ocean you stand on. This is to remind you that every moment you spend here, is teaching you something. All the wisdom, all the lessons that you learn, will settle in lines on your face. Hold your lessons close.’

A third face appeared. It was lime green, but Adam gasped at what he saw. The face had three eyes.

‘Don’t be surprised,’ said the voice, calm. ‘The eyes are all clear and wide open. And with the three eyes, I want you to see. Really, really see. Within and without. I want you to think and never judge. To pursue the truth. Always.’

Adam had the feeling that the conversation was coming to a close.

‘And the grin on this face tells you to have a sense of humour. It is a tough journey after-all,’ the voice grew fainter.

‘Wait,’ Adam sputtered. ‘Don’t go yet.’

‘You have all you need to survive within you. Remember that.’ With those words, the voice ceased to speak.

When Adam opened his eyes, the sun glowed like a fresh jasmine blossom. A pleasant breeze caressed his face. The air was filled with songs of barbets, bulbuls and sparrows. A beautiful woman walked towards him. ‘Hi, I am Eve,’ she said, holding out her hand.