• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 07

Becoming Summer

Trading secrets golden crops rustled, their wafting perfumes scented the air. A breeze blew distant whispers of dry leaves refreshed by recent rain, of roots straining, questing for water.

                              one work worn hand held
                              on to youth, another cooled
                              fingers on damp grass

The old men of the land, the crows, sauntered by, discussing deeply affairs of state, pausing only to pick choice worms. Above a skylark sang hymns to summer, her golden notes falling to grace the earth.

                             dark clouds emblazoned,
                             rare mirrored rainbows, the sky
                             bejewelled drew wonder

Belching contentment, cows grunted as they ate their fill. The wondering scent of wild garlic bought tales of food. A tortoiseshell in search of pollen rested a moment, to open delicately decorated wings

                              stray sheep baa’d freedom,
                              shy forget-me-nots danced to
                              ancient rhythmic songs

Summer soaked inside, filled with zest life responded. The need to sing overcame all doubt. Joy instead leaked out. Impatient the dance of life restrained inside a worn out music box fought to escape.

                              gold above, gold below,
                              smiling, the world praised sunlight
                              as summer became