• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 09
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Beauty of Darns

Measure me up for a new future
Make me a life anew
You may need something like strong suture
For it all to come through
Maybe you could unpick some stitching
That held me together
When I needed some prior fixing
When the end of my tether
Had started to unravel and fray
Unpick this solid thread
It’s expensive stuff, solid mainstay,
Use what I paid for and earnt instead
Of the flimsy ties that bind
Making fragile seams that come undone,
At the slightest tug unwind,
Left to flap free, can’t take the tension.
But that was all back then
I’ve done the darning, make do and mend,
I now want a when
To become a now, the last loose end
All woven in nicely
I have the pattern, the thread to sew,
The fabric made just from me
I’ve learnt through repairs, I am sashiko
Don’t just cut my cloth to fit
Take your tape measure and tailor me
A life to wear to befit
An embroiderer like me