• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06


I’m a nacreous cloud; fantastic, rainbowy, and beautiful.
I’m a dangerous cloud; fanatical, ice-cold, and beastly.
I’m a visual treat for all, a dream come true for some.
I’m an aviation terrorist and a killer of the ozone shield
Looking like innocent pastels on a huge sky canvas.
My hair sunflower yellow, lips scilla blue,
Skin marguerite white, nails forget-me-not purple,
Corset potentilla pink, skirt tulip red, satin blouse
Hibiscus turquoise and high-heeled shoes cosmos orange.
I fly high in the winter sky at twilight and never
Hide inside the hell of a shell in the sea summertime.
My favourite places: the Arctic and Antarctic. I also visit
Other altitudes when they are up for extreme winter sport.
I’m a wave cloud surfing the dry wind of mountain ranges.
I’m an ice polar cloud pole dancing with the light.
I’m a majestic cloud of ice crystals with iridescent tiaras.
I’m a mother-of-pearl cloud damaging airplane engines
And I’m a rare cloud placing the kiss of death on the wings.