• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02


I want to sink to the bottom of you.

To see your spine electrified, your nerve endings sparkling.
The way you move in the abyss, with only your inner luminescence lighting the way.

You're your own lighthouse, the only guide you'll ever need. When everyone else basks in the rays of the sun, you float content in the black ocean floor.

How did you become so terrifying?
So alone?
So much more worthy of the love you shun?

The way you crawl beneath the known in favor of the undiscovered,
the ones ready to wrench your glowing heart out of your chest.

You know this, but carry on, and that is why you are feared. And so so loved.

Even when you have your choice of admirers, you choose to be by yourself.
Even when you immerse yourself in cold ebony ink,
over the warmth of starlight,
and within your darkest depths,

you remain beautiful.