• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 05


And as I took my last breath,
I gazed up to the sky and understood the clouds.
I saw the Birds flying to a beat and the Bees tapping to the sound,
Dust particles appeared like a Kaleidoscope of infinite colour,
And the wind danced on my lips, then through my hair.
The trees bowed down to their fallen daughter,
And then stood proudly in my name.
The taste of soil and bark fizzed on my tongue,
Then dripped down my throat onto the timber shell containing my heart.
And as everything began to fade into the light,
I knew that in time I would be reborn,
As from my body flowers would grow,
And the bees would lie with those flowers,
And the birds would follow the bees,
And the clouds would follow the birds,
And as life left my body, it was painted with a smile
As I knew she’d be back again soon.