• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 09
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Baring my Soul

Sand is resistant to my feet,
Teasing tight muscles in my thighs
As I brave the boisterous breeze
Buffeting distinctive smells of salt and life.
Through a pall of blue spray
The sun burns bronze, then vanishes altogether;
I close my eyes on the drab despair of weather,
Listen to screaming gulls spill into the sea
And the whistling of the wind that chafes me,
A reminder of the unpredictability of time and space.
I stand firm as a lighthouse and embrace
The rippling in my clothes and hair,
Throw out my arms and take off in the air,
Sweeping over fields and dunes,
Singing soulful unearthly tunes,
Baring my soul to earth and sky
In one liquid, sobbing cry.