• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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Balded Lessons

In this life we take so many things for granted. When you tie a shoelace or write a little letter. We just go about doing it without giving it any thought. We don't think about the possibility that so many people out there wish that they could just see the light of day. Even if it is just for a moment. They will never be able to tie their shoelace let alone write a letter. This made me realize when I was cast down this well of illness. That nothing in this life must be taken for granted. We should be grateful for even the tiniest chore we are able to do. Because there are folk out there who will never be able to enjoy that experience. With this disease, I have come to realize that even the faintest of hairs on your scalp you should give thanks for. Cancer has robbed me of mine but I am grateful for the balded lessons it has thought me in such a short space of time. Be grateful for what you have and although I do not have much time left I certainly have time to relate this to you. Life is precious. Do not take what you are given in this life for granted. Embrace your blessings because you do not know when they can be lost and be replaced with baldness.