• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 10

Balancing Vehicles

On 20th March 2062, Sophia Park replicated the teleportation science discovered by Professor Yong Ming of Cambridge University in her bedroom, using just the circuitry available from her hair dryer.

She had live-streamed the entire event, as it was her daily inventions segment, which attracted an average of 5.3 million viewers.

Working with her fan-then-friend @Xandrax, who duplicated the invention in their bedroom, both Sophia and @Xandrax attracted nearly a billion viewers when they successfully tuned their DIY teleporters, beaming easily and surprisingly safely to each other’s homes.

It took another week before their video was approved as Real, but by then, they had appeared on every major network to perform their teleportation to live audiences.

It was rumoured that they had turned down offers from SpaceX, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon to buy their technology, which marked the turning point in human history, as they went on to teach everyone how to build the device at home.

Their fame shot through the roof when they started with the poorest communities, stating that they were the communities that needed the technology the most. It took only three months before transportation of all kinds became obsolete. Environmental specialists celebrated as Earth started to heal.


Balancing Vehicles

What emerged then was a new restorative art form of balancing vehicles. Like balancing rocks, it is seen as a meditative and creative activity. Artists are generally mathematicians and physicists who are able to make precise calculations to enable the teleportation of vehicles into the artistic stacks that are now all over the world.

Art critiques have been providing guesstimates as to how long this trend will last, but artists, like H0ndA say that they will be balancing vehicles as long as there are still abandoned vehicles to be balanced.