• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 11
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balancing act

i chop a piece of blue-white plasticine
curve it into the smile i cannot make
with my lips – take a lump of coal
dark and dense like the knot of fear
in my gut – bring fear and smile
together in balance – find this bears fruit
i can hold
a tangerine [proud in its imperfect skin]
smell citrus juice as its stem points
towards released stars – my lips curl
tentative with happiness
like a slim green leaf waving
victory's vee over my carbon lump
that's now buried – stashed
safe underground – glittering security –
owning its true place and nature
whilst devoid of power to terrify

we save our earth by moulding alternatives –
green dreams fruit from lumpen dread
we can mimic traits of pliable plasticine