• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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His backpack was supported by shoulders
which ached with the weight of an animal,
that depended on him.

His animal – His burden.

It was stuffed with tiny jewels of books,
crayons, crushed collectables, comforts,
which made up his past and present.

His animal – His life.

His backpack comforted him by texture
fluffy, furry, feline who knows,
a long-ago link with the past.

His animal – His memories.

His parents chivvied him along,
with encouraging words, silly songs,
which made him laugh.

His parents – His Mum and Dad.

All washed away on the long boat ride
and his backpack morphed into
a wet lump of fabric which bore the words.

One hundred percent polymeric fibres.
Hand-wash with care – made in China.

But he was born in Syria.