• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04


carefully, in sync with
her surroundings, she
lifts her body to its fullest
hovering around her is time,
essence, love, misunderstanding,
and glum faces.

"who wants to be a circus act?"
she thought. it was all too
weird for her, but comforting too.
her bones, they have a mind of
their own.
she wills her body into placements
unknown to lovers and
passersby, but the shift
in it can be intoxicating.

one glance at her enchanting
contortion and the world
is lulled within seconds.
"back-ended," the title
of her performance attracted
thousands willing to pay $10.00
for a single entry.

what's the cost of
losing oneself at
the expense of entertainment?
no one knows.