• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 12

Baby, We’ve Been Having Sex In Art Galleries

The word ‘aein’ could be translated as ‘intimate’ in English. I’ve told you about this before, right? No? How is that possible?

Ok! So, I learnt this word ‘aein’ from a Korean film, by the same name, which I’d watched many years back with subtitles. No, we hadn’t met till then, I think.

When I masturbate, my mind often transports us to an empty space – it’s a scene from this film, Aein. The space is like of an art gallery but without an exhibition – empty. Yeah, yeah baby, no furniture. Nothing, at all.

We walk towards the last wall in that room. The heels of our shoes echo against the marble floor. Of course, nobody else is there. Empty, completely.

No, it’s not dark. In fact it’s well lit. A plain room where everything is white: walls, floor, ceiling, everything: milk-white. Nice yellow lights. One of the wall, sometimes, is transparent. Like a glass. Anyway, you get the point right? It’s modern architecture.

And like the characters in the film – who, by the way, were strangers in that scene, and after this meeting start a torrid love affair – I’m always in a red georgette blouse and pencil black skirt; you, in a light blue shirt and dark blue jeans.

No they don’t take them all off. But that’s good. I think that’s why it’s good. Remember they are strangers? There is, between them, an irrepressible, bold desire.


Baby, We’ve Been Having Sex In Art Galleries

He unbuttons her blouse, and then unzips his jeans. She takes off her white underwear without removing her skirt, and then turns towards the wall. He enters her; their skins flutter; their bodies convulse. They shudder against that wall.

Oh, yeah, they do kiss. A lot! It all happens very fast. It’s a terrific scene. They act well, yeah. Actually, I think they did it for real.

You like me saying that? I’ve been, lately. Ok, let’s do that next time. Haha, baby we never go to art galleries.