• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 02
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Awe Struck

Juro approached the young man who appeared awe struck by the painting.

“Are you an artist?” Juro asked.

“No, I am an art admirer and I have studied art culture, but I’ve never seen anything as extraordinary as this painting."

The painting stood out with its black symbols covering every facet of the background and its precise black flowing beard with its perfect strokes, made it difficult not to admire. The painter chose to use hair in place of a face, which made it unique.

“I noticed you were staring at this painting. May I ask what you see?” Juro asked.

“Oh, I see exquisite red color and a faceless man who wants to conceal his identity. See how the strokes of hair and beard completely consume where the face should be. Coincidentally, the artist has remained anonymous until this evening when the exhibit begins. I believe the painting was his way of hiding not only his identity, but also his sorrows.”

“You can see all that in this one painting?” Juro asked.

“Yes, I can. Well, it was nice talking with you, but I should go eat before the exhibit starts.”

Juro, hands behind his back, head straight, turned, and walked away.

The faceless man in the painting was Juro and the artist was Juro.