• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 11

Awaiting Rescue from the Flood Waters

Left out from the last departing train
Wet ground offers no shelter
Ragged threadbare hat and
Reliable but old blanket
Pulled up to shoulders
The only option is to await rescue
Shivering underneath the skin prunes
The reality of time slipping
As nobody appears and the
Waters continue to rise with
The steady rainfall
Counting minutes hours days
Wasted as supplies dwindle
Passersby disappear down
The path until it too vanishes
Into puddle stream river
Leafy vines provide no shelter
But merely funnel water over head
Down on all sides as the river
Ascends the hill drawing ever closer
No boat truck helicopter in sight
Soon all options to flee
Evaporate but attempts to
Escape to higher ground risk traps
Staying put in hope of being found
Seems the only option to bundle up
Save energy to watch for whatever
Comes up next water or human