• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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Rising like a machine
ignoring the genetic dispositions
any emotions influx
I move my body
limbs frayed and thoughts rattled
nothing moves my soul anymore

this complex whizzing of the neurons
flashing thoughts in my brains
coursing through this circuitry
this amalgamation of technology with the
surreal emotions
have borne fruit finally

this mishmash of wires poking out
from every single pore
this surge of electricity
through every single
core of my marred existence

Yes, I have to be shocked and rattled
to feel anything around me
I rise like an automaton
a technology marvel
a subject of intrigue and wonder
in equal proportions



I catch your words in my throat
scratching my metallic innards
like a mannequin
observing and waiting for the next
set of the commands
powering me;
rushing through my system
a broken sluice of semantics

Isn't the whole point of my marred existence
is to follow your instruction down to the T?
I was what the materialists
declared a human to be:
an automaton.