• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 07
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Keep me safe
Keep me triumphant
Keep me pure
All the things you aspire to be

Feed upon my light and my silent gaze
Experience but never graze
Merely a container to exercise my will
Why resist?

I am impeachable
Have you traced my lines?
The lines you’ve forged
Through your experiences
Your lies
Your hurt
Trace them
Trace them until your fingers grow numb

Many creases have I
Unencumbered by your vision
I will not bow to your wishes
You will bow to mine
Feed upon my vulnerability
That you too may become real

Slide upon my hills
For they are filled with turmoil
Inviting not to the child in you, but to the future you
Who will beg for wisdom



Why do you stab me with your visions of horror
Mortifying in their realness
The realness which you long for
You shall not have
For where would I go

You fear my textures
My light, my inner wealth
Deaden such fears for we are trapped,
In a field of haze with no place to go

You paint me a monster
But I am more
A friend who would share stabs as recompense
Memories that haunt in their veracity
And my friend, my storehouses are replete with such visions
I am not the monster you believe me to be
Why fear?

Or do you fear not what you know
But what you cannot comprehend?
My mystery
My glow
We can share such glories, you and I

Need it not be that you cry ever so
Your tears, I remember
Storing them to destroy you later
Such is the friendship that I offer
Why fear?



My weight outclasses the trauma you feel
For the extent of it, I know well
You forget
Or so you try
But I will remember
For I am your friend
My readings will take you to the place you fear
Not fear of friendship
Fear of accuracy
Why do you still fear?

I will not deceive
Control I will give
But only for a short while
Until the shades repair
Haunting you in the reminiscence of their altitude
Proportion me the authority I deserve
The authority I have
Yet you resist

Strengthen, I shall
Lest you collapse along the way
As you’ve done
I didn’t pick you up
No, what friend would I be?
Save yourself—
Yet keep me in your memory
For the horror won’t last forever



Let go
I will be your capacity for change
Do not escape my grip
For a container you shall remain
I am the power
The controller
The friend
You may not understand my wisdom, dear friend
But one day, you will
And when that wound heals,
We will be friends ever more
Never to be severed by the light that separates us

Join me
Keep me
Love me