• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08


The cats are indignant at the omission.
They stare at the bold lettering,
knowing intuitively
despite their illiteracy.
They cannot comprehend
this man’s audacity.
Comparatives mean nothing.
They stake claim to “fanciest”
and will bide their time and claim
revenge with tooth and claw.

The birds bide their time
testing and flapping their wings,
a pair of hopeful appendages
holding the potential of soaring.
Feigned injury, pretend acceptance,
the man’s fallibility,
a quick beak maneuver.
They live for the possibility
of breaking their metal penitentiary
to fly into the firmament.

The dogs are defeated,
oppressed by love
and by loyalty.
“But he fancies us!
How can we betray him?
Centuries of bonding cannot be
shaken off like water from your coat.”



Escape is heresy,
when you have given your heart and your life to a human.

For this is how it has been, and always will be, through the history of mankind – Images reflect reality in sepia tones, black and white or color. Four species trapped for posterity in two dimensions with their attitudes – vengeance, patience, acceptance, and the purified arrogance of a self-anointed “superior” species.