• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 03
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Atlantis Burning

Rising from the azure cobalt kingdom below,
Towering centurions stand guard witnessing a splendid fiery show,
Amidst doubt and cutting curious whispers,
Sacrifices breed unknown revolutionary clusters,
Preparations are made for a people not to fade,
Rising surfacing creating a new horizon - taunting an impatient Poseidon,
Protecting each other from dividing discord and political churning -
Preventing Atlantis from burning.

A new generation spreading their wings,
No more the innocent obedient fledglings,
Yearning to find their rightful purpose - rushing to explore and inhabit an unknown forced surface,
Protected by familiar centurion guardians,
They gather together shedding unnecessary fading fodder,
A bright new haven seemingly their new heaven,
A shared determination empowers a new rising nation,
Creating a strange sensational stirring - as Atlantis is left burning.