• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

As seen

I snapped exactly what I saw:
That rubbernecking blur with dark
Hair (and arms) cropped short;
That heart beside itself; that poor
Pretender’s throne, commandeered
One night by a hectic horde;
That sea beneath the swirling floor.

And the layers in and out of other,
Bolder layers, intercut
Motifs brimming this way, then that:
Beaming phizog, ink-sagged feather,
No words but letters bursting through.
A life extravaganza in mid-throe,
Then to be fixed, and framed thereafter.

Now I see it plain in my own
Snapshot: bottom-left, a comic
Penguin fixed in a painted panic,
Line on careless line
Messing up its face and belly.
To some, I know, it just looks silly.
But there it is. Just as seen.