• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12


IS this art?
This IS art.
How blessed thou ART,
surreal, for real
to live in a time
when an assemblage
of cheap tchotchkes
from movies dating back
a half-century,
can determine not only
your pop-culture IQ
but your acumen as collector
despite their disconnect
from reality.
Their plastic personae
will definitely outlast you
as Hollywood slithers its way
into hearts and minds
till it is inseparable from reality.
Fabricate then
as you colonize other planets,
your very own story
about three aliens
that embody the most
beautiful aspects and
tacky commercialism
of our species.



There is money to be made,
inspiration to be found,
and adventures to be had
as you wander the galaxies
in a Millennium Falcon
with a trusty, hirsute Chewie buddy
and help an extra- terrestrial
with a big heart
to phone home,
while encountering
LGMs - littlle green men
who speak in unison
and adore "The Claw".
You can decide then
whether marketing tie-ins
were the best ideas
or the barrel scrapings
of the human condition
and its juxtaposed legacies
of space travel
and near- indestructible
plastic figurines
with bemused visages.