• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 03
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A buzzing noise as spacecraft landed.
Strange voices. The crew disbanded.
Alien creatures on this Earth
made a choice to prove their worth.
Efforts taken to disembark
each peered with one eye through the dark.
Arrived in Area 51
with sliding gait and bionic tongue.
Their oily feet made long white tracks
imprints left deep icy cracks.

Alarm bells rung and sirens sounded.
Too late! Green men were grounded.
The sheriff in this covert place
trembled, yet met them face-to-face.
The language barrier blocked the way-
but the visitors were there to stay.
To prise apart Pandora's Box
of secrets and security blocks.

With knowledge of this hidden place
they could mingle with the human race.
Some Spock-like brain could intervene
Broadcast the news of unforeseen...