• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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Are you real?

I see you looking, somewhat askance
off to one side.
Someone has erased one of your eyebrows.
Your arm is ready to swing a greeting ... maybe.
Is that a doctor coming toward you?
Are the fluids in the syringe he holds
what separated hair from your head?
Erased your light brown brow?
You seem so sweet. I'm glad Mama
gave you to me.
My hair is also gone.
My blue eyes are often filled with tears
when I see the doctor coming.
I am glad you are with me today.
Your smile is comforting me.
If the shot is for you, I will hold your
hand very tightly.
If he is coming for me, I will clutch
you hard so you can hold my heart
and help me through the pain.