• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 05
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Arches of symmetrical penetration

Amidst a loosely-triangular base
in the centre of Bartholomew’s face is an ear
although it doesn’t resemble such
nonetheless it allows acoustic energy to reach
the receptive, corresponding region of his brain.
A self-fiddled genetic mutant, doctor of his own DNA (Puss PhD)
- for him, hearing is surgical. He knows who’s around.

Understated in appearance, belying such great sophistication
crouched on its face, prepared to target sleek unpredictability.
Wildly domestic, part-time predator
- vermin-killer enthusiast
tamely-fanged and fickle in friendlessness.

Flaring moderately, twitching when collecting, acquiring ace intel;
inward-drifts of reconnaissance, transmitted in
the air as vectors of location-leaks rippling clue-noise.

One charcoal cherry, twice-bitten
tactically-upgraded instrument, a must-have piece of cat kit.
moulded like a polystyrene truffle.
An acoustic arrowhead, militarily listening.

Audible-sense supercomputer; acutely able hunter
serious mapper of movings
what intention towards bodily co-ordinates.
He seeks a friend; a double-helix doppelgänger soulmate - some self-styled
Deoxyribonucleic-acid-Frankenstein kitten pal.
Bartholomew knows what’s around next.