• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 09
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Roboboy says to Medusa _there’s one part we still need & we can’t machine
it can’t get it smooth enough can’t get it fireproof enough then we read
about NASA using ceramics and thought_ – He’s been coming round
the foundry for a while asking for offcuts, parts
& metallurgy / or possibly relationship / advice the word coupling has come up
but this is beyond their expertise _Yeah NASA uses Nextel in space_ they say
_it’s like hair like angelhair pasta made by super-heating silica I can’t just ¡kiln!
you that that’s uh like next-level witchcraft compared to my little mortar
& pestle_ thinks of childhood drawings of Baba Yaga stirring forth
on chicken legs _I mean that’s a cyborg right_ Roboboy – me llama Ekeko –
blinks _Buy you a drink anyway, say thanks?_ They cycle to The Glory
liquidhot as the foundry on this anthropocene summer day like
_swimming in English beer_ whatever pour me a chill one Kingsland Road flows
by outside while Jorge runs from building a Raspberry
Pi to his thesis project _there’s a whole history of statues_
Oh ho Medusa eyerolls eyebrows _Sounds like
the new Jeanette Winterson novel all heads and bolts and sexbots_ new
round in _OK uh sexbolts_ sarcastic hahas as Ekeko says it’s
a torso only _it answers prayers_ M’s hair flies up like ??? _you mean
questions_ Roboboy takes a long draught _my ancestors they
made dolls of him my namesake name I took Ekeko & put
their desires onto the doll so what



do we do now we talk to Siri but still she can’t intuit our desires
& maybe none of the old gods are still listening never were so we make
our own robots who can listen not answer but ¡listen! to prayers
I mean… M tries not to say _you know I once fucked a goddess it’s not
the answer to anyone’s prayers_ saying _there are flight applications
for ceramic and polymer matrices it means womb you know it all gets
so confused_ and then they’re crying and Roboboy is not so metal
_history of hardbody_ he is saying to cover over their tears _the first time
I saw Metropolis the first time I saw Alien what I mean is I knew I needed them
because I wasn’t like them I needed_ carapace say
stuffed whipple shield lightweight yet strong enough to fend off
meteoroids I need thinks M but over the thrum of Janelle
Monáe coming from the future the ArchAndroid soundtracking
the sweatbox where cyborgs with bluetooth toggled cycleclipped
glittering with ecoglitter and each other & the buzz of tattoo
guns fuck I can see their insides M thinks dancing easy for the first
time in a million lightyears all these stars I’m flying among
young queers shimmering around them & they lean over to Ekeko
who is swapping numbers with another someone & says _Fuckit
let’s make your godbodies fuckit how hot can it (need to) get_