• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 06
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Another Broken Ring Pull

You say the desert has made you thin, but that is ridiculous. You are not fooling anyone. Unless you are standing behind your construction and then, my dear, I am impressed. Of course I recognised your work straight away. You were forever fashioning your own belts and yes, that is truly up there with the best of them. And who can forget your capacity to snap a ring pull before it had popped and fulfilled its one purpose in life. I remember the first time I saw you jabbing at a can with a knife, laughing merrily as the drink fizzed out. You held the can above your head and let the liquid fountain into your mouth and it was quite the sexiest thing I had ever seen.
I hope the desert is all you hoped it would be. You always liked life spread out flat before you, nothing concealed. No nasty surprises. But I know you will be heading for those hills. You could never resist having a destination in sight.
And when you reach them you will turn your back on them and stare at the dry ocean before you, thinking those thoughts that you never let others hear.
You will think of the coast, how you always walk to the lapping waves and look out, imagining yourself the only one left alive in a world of water. Yes, I hear some of those thoughts, however well you think you hide them. We are the same, you and I.
So take a look at those hills, calculate the time it will take, then double it because you always get it wrong. The distance will be deceiving, we always say, but you march on regardless, flinching at the blisters that form, determined to reach your goal.
Yes, head for those hills, my love, and then please head on home. We are waiting for you.