• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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The mid-region, chest to nether,
no top or bottom to judge the whole,
too near, but holding onto something
close to the heart in casual confidence.

This is all we see of anyone who keeps
out of sight by being invisible, unnoticed
while slogging through their own world
going going going gone in their hundreds

and thousands, passing under scrutiny
except when carrying a non-domestic
creature – then we are interested in that.
Why they’re there, whether out of their

place or we’re touristing matters not.
We’ll stop to stare, interfere with words,
poke into their business uninvited, ask
stupid questions until we’re satisfied.

The world is full of faces, legs walking
where they must but our focus often finds
the middle ground, judging gender, style
and shape...but also the expanse/expense

of presence and purpose in our spaces.