• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12


The queue wasn’t long, your sister bought the tickets. She was taking you out of here and into there. Into there to view ET. You had never been to the cinema before. It was dark and encroaching, and it brought you a new feeling to ignore. You did not have the word then, but now you know it as anonymity. You noticed it straight away as you followed your sister in the darkness.
“I’m not me here”, you had thought.
“I’m invisible”, as you took your seat in this new a type of anonymity. You liked the chill in the air, it reminded you of out there. Then the darkness encroached further and unto the screen arrived your transportation out of here and into there. And you felt feelings you tried to ignore. You wanted to cry for him. You loved the idea of him. You were transported out of here and into there. And now, you love the evolution of stories. How they evolve and lead to places out there. How stories form into stories and form into stories and take you light years away. How the anonymity of your first trip into the darkness of the cinema allowed you cry. Cry for ET and cry for out there