• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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Animal Tranquility

Insight sits in the silent rotted belly
of the one true stoic. Her body
curdles free on the warm highway sward,
upward eye pierced inward to grasp firm
her brood, to feel her life and all life,
exuded in its unstrained essence
lovingly from the natural spire.
It pushes upward, shoots in new hope.

Chains of dry atoms knowingly linked
sift from the angled rock, as a vine
slips silently through time unfeeling.
They reach, striving forever unseen,
in perpetual vomit to shape
the stoic's gift and make it anew.

The crossed fingers of a flattened
god indistinct from the umber
dirt unfold in the reflection
of her sunlit stare to instruct:
two is one: one is true: there is
wisdom here.