• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04


“Hey qt icu”
“Newspeak, huh?”
“Even newer. Too bad old Snowball couldn’t text. Folk might have seen what Napoleon was up to all those years ago.”
“Idiot pig should have been stopped sooner. Before he got as bad as the men.”
“Indistinguishable from them at the end, so I heard.”
“He was an animal.”
“Thank Hog for the Second Revolution, I say.”
“Yep, we got it cushy now. Waited on snout, hoof, and belly.”
“Love what mine does with a brush. Knows just where to rub down my spine. Bliss!”
“Mine too. Works sunrise to sundown. And they said Utopia was unattainable. This is the life!”
“Just as long as we remember: Four legs good. Two legs bad.”
“I remember my old grandad quoting his own grandad 'The distinguishing mark of man is the hand, the instrument with which he does all his mischief.'”
“Too right! But take the hand of a woman, nowadays. It’s a force for pleasure. Cooks for us, cleans for us, always brushing, brushing, brushing us.”
“Hang on, I’ve just noticed! Look! Look at them. Look at their hands! Red nails, blue brush; blue nails, red brush. Is this some sort of code? Insurgency! Revolution! We need reinforcements.”
“Get texting – quick!”