• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 09
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do an angelou, straighten your back

would it be so rude to hush you mid-rejection?
if, baby, i fashioned my hopes on our discretions
the quick smiles and the quirks of our eyes intersecting.

i washed and clothed with you in mind
i made this meal to stay alive
forget the world with you and gin alike.

i do and do
paint myself madonna, true blue,
and i dance myself out of tricks.

here naked i've nothing more to impress you with

and the only redeeming quality was

how long i was able to keep myself spinning

i impressed myself

did i really think i was not worth him

and in the silence my body sighed and rolled its eyes.

You did girl, yes, you did. Now,
do an Angelou, it's Friday now.
Straighten your back.

Rome, Italy