• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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She missed her hair
most of all.
Sure, having no lower body
kind of sucked
and the blue eyes were exquisite
but the hair thing
was inexcusable.
Her locks were her dignity
her strength and confidence
and without them she felt
like a cancer patient with a
bad case of Alopecia.
Someone get me a do-rag
for the love of god!

To him it was the eyebrow thing.
Even a bald headed
blue-eyed boy could
overlook not having legs
or a waist, or kneecaps, or...
But the eyebrow thing
well, that drew stares.
Being half the mannequin
he was meant to be
held nothing to that
missing arc of facial hair.
Someone get me
a pair of shades
for crying out loud!