• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 07
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And This is Where We Find Ourselves Today

You hand it to me and I say, where should I put it and you say, it doesn't matter, look, it bounces, look! And it does, that front part - you say cortex, I'm not sure - is very flexible, although bits do fall off when we get up on chairs and drop it from a height and then higher still. After a while we are fed up and you find some tupperware, too small really, we have to squeeze it in, but you say it won't mind, you say it's not used that much these days, and we rub the chips we have instead, which are still a little sore even though it's been quite a while since they were inserted. I nod at you, you nod at me, you put the container in the cupboard, and we go looking for some biscuits, to have with tea, of course.