• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 08

And Now for Something Completely Different

Some people ask, "What is your fascination with birds and dogs?"

"The birds, they just sit in their cages mostly motionless, inviting onlookers to guess if they are real or fake. You cannot play with them, or take them on walks, or watch them do tricks. They just sit there."

"And the dogs, they may have their moments, but are they really worth it? How much money do you spend feeding them. How much time do you waste washing and grooming them? They say dogs are a man's best friend, but it seems more like man is a dog's chauffeur or butler."

Some people ask how I can be a fancier of such boring or needy animals.

I guess some people have never seen the way a cat attacks a bird's metal cage. I guess some people have never watched a dog chase after a tabby with the determination of an invading army.

It is not that I fancy birds or dogs. But writing "Fancier of Animals Attacking Each Other" seemed slightly demented. Plus the window decorator charges by the letter.