• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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Ancient Glory

She is descended from ancient queens and kings, though her lineage is long ago forgotten by the people and is unknown to her. Yet, the streets she walks do not forget. The brick and soil remember all that have trod upon them and recognize her past, her glory. As she waits to cross the street, the stones speak to the water pooled beside her, “Magnify her image for all to see and pay homage.”

The water understands and does the best it can. The rains have fallen across this land, over and over again for ages, and have seen all. The water calls to the sun, “Shine upon her and help reflect what she holds inside.”

The sun commands the clouds to part and sends bright light to illuminate the woman’s image. “People, look upon this woman who carries ancient glory within her,” proclaims the sun. “Look and be amazed.”

But the people do not look, and the woman does not realize the elements conspire to raise her up. She simply stands waiting. And when traffic clears, she crosses the street, bringing joy to each piece of the earth that she touches with her feet.