• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 11
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Anatomy Of A Rickshaw-Wallah’s Dream

On bustling routes of old Dehli
In dallying reverie of an autumnal dusk
I met a figure discerned from folks;
A Rickshaw-Wallah
Who meanders in search of his bourgeoisie masters

A gaunt face of aged life
A gleam of wisdom in ancient eyes
He chatters with swiftness of a gay child
& often wears a grin wide

He lapses in musings
His musings on life
While fancying in harlotry of bygone times

For his, were few dreams and a life to hone
Afar, floating in recesses of ocean
They rise with tides' nocturnal swings
And, brim on brink of undercurrents

The flimsy frivolities of tenderness
To live on side of an ocean's bay
Entangling his experienced fingers
In a tangled mesh of a fisher's net

And ferrying his past through oar of perseverance;
He wished to sing rhapsodies of Majhi ( a fisherman )
While sailing a boat against buffets of wind
The trail of imageries droops
As drops of elixir from reminiscent tongue


Anatomy Of A Rickshaw-Wallah’s Dream

The betel stained teeth of his
Often are shown and gaps in between
defy his mourn
Of living in urban ghettos
Of a paunch that groans
Of sighs belittling his nomadism
Of identities he's reasserted with
Of glances of condescension he's casted upon

He pulls his rickshaw on crowded lanes
Carrying shadows of counterpart
Who haggle for few coins with him
Unacquainted with promises veiled in his heart

I reckon the flight of flaying dreams
Carrying behind his tattered rag;
As too much precious to be sold
In market of dreams that eyes behold.