• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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Anatomy of a Chair

through the years
through the days when we stayed in
and we weighed on its polyester shell
with forgotten words, the lost change

tucked away, by the side of the seat
there it is, one arm to hold on to
while the other is missing...
I waited for him to

get up and go. I waited for him
to tell me 'go out and live!'
I waited until Life's inevitable tides
carried me across, out of that room

Still, he was left there
behind the dark shades he wore -
It was always a tinted sunset he saw -
I waved, but no longer waited

I waved to tell him I made it
I don't think he's seen me -
those damn shades!
(wasted away, tears left unsaid

He's now tucked right under
and a tattered chair outstays
with only one arm to hold on to
while the other...)