• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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An Unexpected Encounter

Oh! the magic and the endless pit of creativity childhood brings
eyes glimmering with excitement and mischief
mixed with equal proportion;
where every day brings the opening of a new dimension
Bottomless excitement coupled with endless skittering

One more day to be jotted down in the summer journal as
a bookmark for our dainty memories
giving us reasons to live in our hay days
A soft cushion for our endless childhood stories

Remembrance of one such day, our endless visit to the
back forest in our small town
Our small footsteps making the sturdy path in the wet mud
A masterpiece our puny feet are proud of

Summer break comes with a plethora of choices
in minds brimming with excitement and leisure
as we put on their best outfit
ready to embark on a journal called adventure

We hop, skip and run through the muddy trails beating the bushes
Sharp shrills in our voices filling
warm bosom of the kind blue skies
counting the toadstools on our ways
singing the rhymes we learned days and nights

We both know there is a method to this madness
only me and he could tell;
the fluttering of monarch wings against the sun
becomes a kaleidoscope washed by the spectrum of color


An Unexpected Encounter

A beautiful dream reaching its fruition
the moment our car reaches his doorstep,
we go in jumping and skipping in the forest
counting the berries and squashing them in our hands

One of such days we embarked on an adventure
carrying our science kit, a round shiny glass,
at it enlarges everything which comes its way
without any discrimination

Looking at the veins of the leaves
the soft underbelly of the maple leaves
rings of the great oak tree
trying to guess the countless years it has been standing
till it fell and open its wounds for the villagers to see

Trying to decipher the hidden code in our soft palms
as if trying the decode the maps
to a hidden treasure,
our mortal life so desperately depends on

Buried deep in our excitement
diligently following the sun
as it leads us making myriads shapes in the
shadows dancing like stick figures
Filled with complete abandon.

We pressed our ears against the soft skin of the forest
trying the decipher the heartbeats
mother nature has to offer,
lost in the cacophony of the voices
unaware of the thick footsteps which followed us
almost a mile deep in that damn forest


An Unexpected Encounter

Soft murmur and the rustling of the leaves
the putrid smell carried by the northern zephyr
broke our deep meditation
making us turn our heads back only to see danger morphed as a giant brown bear
Jumped right from the tattered storybook of my young sister,
towering behind us.

And that was the last remembrance of that moment
our weak throbbing heart could hold
as we tumbled and ran like a headless chicken
the safest place we could find that evening;
towards our warm abode.