• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 11
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An Eye For An Eye

It is not fear that you see. It is my suffering. It is only for her that I weep. It is only for you that I breathe. I am nothing but death now. And yet I have nothing but life.

Come; look beyond what you think you see and look into my heart. Nothing, you say? Well, try closing your eyes and looking. Can you see it yet? Oh well, never mind.

I used to believe that if you look into even the darkest of pools you would find it – a starlight even brighter than Sirius. It also lived in you, once. But within us it flickers no more.

Come; let me carry you home.

Now, tell me of your life. Of the how and the why. No, please don’t tell me the how. But I need to understand the why, you see.

Speak to me. I am all ears, and a fine listener, or so I’ve been told. I was a fine husband, and lover as well – at least that is what she told me. I like to think that I would have been a good father. Can you say the same of yourself?

Come my friend; tell me your story. I promise I’ll not interrupt.

But before we begin, what way shall I turn? Where now can you call home? Shall we head east or west? To the north or south? You don’t know? Oh well, never mind, we’ll just trot off that way, I think, towards the mighty river, and if you decide otherwise, just let me know.

Hold on tight now, I feel a canter coming on.


An Eye For An Eye

But friend, your tongue does not loosen, and you sit there all shiver and sweat and shake. Will you not try to justify the why? You must know that I am a man of compassion, a man of God, a man of forgiveness. Come now; is it not worth trying your luck with me?

And yet still you say nothing.

No, no, Mr Tongue-tied and twisted, don’t try to jump off; we’re almost there. I bet you can you see the cliffs from there.

Ah, and so to the gallop. Isn’t it wonderful. To feel the wind in your hair; the life surging through your veins? Hold on tighter now, the end is fast approaching.

It just needs one last almighty leap.