• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

An Embarrassment of Riches

The diverse bounty mounted here
The display of wealth and plenty
The overflowing cornucopic deluge
Set out to impress – overwhelm – spark envy...

Then step through the picture plane
To see all wasting before your eyes
This mingling of scents does not describe a feast
But a festering

Ripe fruits over-ripen and decay
Meats sat out for days
Fresh or cured – gather flies
Until all is blown

Ready nourishment turns steadily into the inedible
As an alluring perfume putrefies
With passing time and toil to spoil
And turn stomachs

Consider the empty-bellied onlooker
In the world beyond
Who can only look on
As gnawing hunger eats them away

Today, I see no beautiful homage to nature’s bounty
I cannot marvel at technique as I was schooled
Today, I see only –
A mortifying display of bad taste