• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 05
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You could not say it
but I could tell you did not want to walk
so I carried you
like the day does when we’re awoken
its yellow tide that leads us into
the arms of the season

We have arrived
this is how it feels
it is the end of winter
it tears into our dreaming
it gives a rude awakening
it demands
a soberer vision

Of course I’d rather have a sabre-toothed cat
as a companion
but not even their long fangs could keep them
from going extinct

So here we are
two hearts like a dawn chorus
after the darkest month
my shoes off
my feet blistered
you look out for water
and I never felt richer



I close my eyes
I don’t have to see it
or to say it
here it is
a sunray
and you wear it
like the sun's small hand
on your head