• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04

Amaranthine Juice

Concentrate. No pips. Pure current.
An unnatural, undiluted, electric ‘Ohm’.
Nothing to strain. No pulp.
Perfectly full of artificial substance.
Squash or jam.

Three point plug, ground and flex.
Charged. Wired. Floored.
Switch on. Twist, unwind, serve.
Yogic-wholes alight.
Aberrated poise.

Patterns habitual – Hierarcharies Bloom.
Inchoate petals pressed. Tested.
Limitless – Permissive obscenity.
Never leaves.
Youth flowers forever.

Compliance. Contortion.
Fierce. Imaginary. Amaranthine.
Discounted postcards. Pristine egos.
Suck through the last straw.
Click Save Send Amend Repeat.

Capitalist discourse enslaves.
Commodities Trumped.
Pretence cushions The Real.
Figures blotted. Driven inside out.
Addiction's Satisfiction.