• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10


More and more often now, you find yourself consulting the almanac. What shape is the moon today? What colour are the clouds? Who is King now? What is the Dance of the Day?

The almanac makes things easier. Is today a good day to apply for a job? To plant vegetables? To cancel a date?

At the beginning, you'd unfold the pamphlet once or twice a day, maybe before leaving the house or last thing at night. But now it's open more often than not, because when is it ever not helpful? Its pages can help you determine which boots to wear, how to wear your hair (two little horns today, for the horns of the moon), where to sit, how long to stay there, what to put on the table, and how to arrange it – or whether to simply sweep it all into the bin.

The sign of the month is Leo. Be bold and wear that yellow top.

The element of the week is water. Let things flow over you – swim with the tide – acquiesce.

The rune of the hour is Thurisaz. Breathe deeply and steel yourself.

The scent of the minute is Bulgarian Rose. Cross your legs.

The colour of the second is Violet. Trust in the almanac.

The colour of the second is Goldenrod. Don't put the book down.

The colour of the second is Almond. Keep looking.

The colour of the second is Moccasin. Keep looking.

The colour of the second is...