• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 04

All writing is pigshit

Bits, chits, chunks, dunks, and bites
Grovels, howls, bursts, busts, and slights
Even vanity-stuffed insights
Or those with badges of rights
End up as pigshit.

Pigs do not think twice
Even rhymes taste just as nice
They nibble gobble virtue and vice
Also 'forwards' rolled in spice
Pigs also love their pigshit.

Pigs would, if they could
Mix online updates in food
Broadcasts might taste good...
To refuse refuse is rude
Pigs do not dishonour pigshit.

Pigs are the coolest of all
They'd accept an online brawl
A cartoonist's scrawl
Even a politician's gall...
Every word, at some point, is pigshit.

But read what we write, piggy dear
So other pigs here
Pause to hear
Before they scarf and clear
To turn our world into pigshit.